Monday, February 14, 2011

Taming The Beast....

I have now had my eBay store, Redeeming Treasures, up and running for nearly a year now.  It has been a lot of hard work at times and it has been a joy at times..  It has also been our financial life raft lately.  I have been out of work for over 2 years and have officially considered myself self-employed for the last 3 months.  This business has paid our car insurance and our utility bills.  It has helped keep our home through the winter.  I have over 650 items in my store and it should be more, but I am in the midst of a MS diagnoses and my heart is not in it right now, so I am just hanging on and listing as I feel like it, but I still sell items almost daily due to what I established all those months before.  Everyday I ship out sales and that is an answer to prayer because I am making money when I don't "feel" like going to work.  We have some very wise women on the group I am an administrator for on Face book called eBay Underground and one of them has a saying and it is this " Are you going to work for your business or have your business work for you?"  I have found at this point in my life I am happy to say that I  have my business working for me.

Now the question is which one is it for you???  Are you a slave to your business or have you tamed the beast and have IT working for you?

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Vicky said...

Love you, girl! So glad you have a business working for you right now. All that hard work pays off!