Saturday, February 27, 2010

Check out my new blog....

I have sarted another blog with a different purpose. I am involved in some ministries and I am starting a Fibromyalgia Support Group in my town. I wanted a more "serious" blog for transmitting info about those new endeavors..

I am looking for a "jazzy" name for the Fibro Support Group, any ideas?? Please leave me a comment with the name idea.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary SwagBucks...

Check out the link next to this post... It is called SwagBucks and it is incredible. It is a search engine that gives your "virtual dollars" for searching the web.. Something we do everyday. As you search it will randomly award you SwagBucks that can be redeemed for tons of prizes, such as gift cards, gaming systems, all kinds of things. Check it out. It is free and you save money on gifts or even things for yourself..


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Wonderland...

Boy what a concept.. Pictures of our lovely weather. Well have I got a pic or two for you all. Let me begin with the fact that I live in Northern Michigan. massive snowfall is nothing to us. This picture is a shot of our patio table after only approx. 1 month of snowfall.. Yes the snow is even with the bottom of the table..Photobucket
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Well I now have proof I am OLD...

I am feeling quite old at the moment. I just spent over an hour on the phone with a nice young man trying to get my domain name info correct. All I want is to have people utomatically redirected to this blog when thwy type in my new domain name. You would think this is easy huh??? NOPE, at least not with my 44 year old mind.. The saga continues


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blog Hops.. Love Them

I have found a new past-time. I joined MckLinky's and have been blog hopping and loving it.. You should give it a go, you will meet lots of people and find a who new group of blogs to enjoy


Today I dive in deeper..

Today I am jumping into the world of "Domains". I have done alot of reading and have found it is wise to use a domain name instead of our "short" blogspot address. I am giving it a go and will report back with results.. If you all see something you don't like please let me know...


Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day Memory..

I guess for me the best memory I have of Valentines Day, is one that most people would never consider.. I was in the midst of a horrible divorce and I and 2 daughters had NO WHERE to go. Some very dear friends from church offered their home and "booted" one of their children from their own room, to give us a place to stay. That year Valentines Day was quickly approaching and I offered to watch all the kids while they went out. They would have nothing of it. They INSISTED on staying home with me and ALL the kids and having a night in.

Sometimes Real Love has nothing to do with "romance", it can be the very generous gift they gave a friend in need..
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

TWO sewing Machine Giveaway!!!!

The folks at are giving away this set of machines. The sewing machine to one lucky winner and the other to some other very lucky reader.... Thaks Janome.... and


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a beautiful day..

Today we woke to a beautiful snow covered landscape. We knew it was snowing as we went to bed, but it continued. Now this is not a new occurance for us here in Michigan. Snow is like breathing, it is just going to happen, but sometimes it takes my breath away with its beauty. The sun is shining a it is glistening. I guess it is time to slow down and enjoy the view. I guess that is similar to life... What we consier to be a problem often can become a beautiful stop along the road of life. IF WE LET IT...

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dave Ramsey Homework week #4

Well our homework this week in Dave Ramsey,is to get a handle on our debt snowball.... We have alot less debt than most people, but we have NO savings..BABYSTEP #1

Baby Step #1 is $1000.00 in savings to "cover" you while you pay off your debt. It is Murphy's Law, that as soon as I start making progress on my debt, my car will break-down or I will need a new fridge...LOL I will keep everyone updated as we go...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A busy weekend of learning Blogland

Hello all-

Just a note to say.. WOW there is a lot to learn in blog land.. I signed onto McKlinky, but how do I find ACTIVE blog hops???? Just a question. Need to get some rest, my hubby has surgery tomorrow.. Keep him in your prayers..

I signed up for Relay For Life... Need a team name.....

Well I finally did it.. I have been trying for years to coordinate everything to be able to do this, but I finally said "ENOUGH", just DO IT.... My Grandma passed away from Breast Cancer years ago and I have a cousin who is in the battle. It may never be my time, but there are a lot of people fighting the battle and the least I can do is put aside a weekend and have a blast.. These events are so much fun and you get a chance to spend time with those you love. I plan to bring my daughters on board with me.

Now I just need a catchy name for our team... Any ideas???

Friday, February 5, 2010

My new eBay auctions... getting out of debt, one sale at a time..

My husband and I have begun Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University".. How incredible and hard at the same time.. To be alittle inventive in the ways to help knock down our debt, I am listing anything in my home that isn't nailed down...Just joking! I figure I have everything from my daughters Prom dresses to a silver platter that I got as a wedding present. Neither have seen the light of day since their initial use..

I am really pleased and hoping to gain some traffic at the site. Please pop over and take a look, I would appreciate any constructive criticism
My link is above in the title...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Get way to earn Gift cards.....

Start saving NOW.........

Search & Win

Our friend, Kristen, at Couponing to Disney posted today about Swagbucks. I signed up through her site a couple months ago and I try to remind myself to use it for searching, but so far I've won 76 Swagbucks - not too shabby. I'm half way to my second $5 gift card. People can earn enough gift cards to pay for all their Christmas presents. Wouldn't that be great!?

So what is Swagbucks? It is literally a search engine that pays you to search! That's it! What I do is I do my "easy" searches for the day, sites I would already normally go to, my favorite blogs, favorite websites, etc... If I'm searching for something that I actually need information for then I use Swagbucks search engines. AND... if you get referals and get your friends to sign up, then you get 1 swagbuck for swagbuck up to 100!!!

There are also trivia games and clues daily to win extra Swagbucks...

What do you do to start?

First - Click on the link above......

Then just start searching! The first search I ever did I got 2 Swagbucks!! You will know because a Swagbuck will pop up and there will be a confirmation code - enter the code and you'll see your account total go up by the amount that you won. The confirmaion code is only used ocassionally to make sure you are not using a program to search.  Some people get swagbucks multiple times per day.

And there is more than just! Just go to the prizes tab up at the top left and pick what works best for you! There are boat loads of different gift cards and prizes......

Let us know if you're already using Swagbucks! Or what you've gotten with them!!  Happy searching.....