Monday, November 23, 2009

God's Favorite Promise to keep........

I have been unemployed for going on the 11th month, I was the primary wage-earner and my hubby works for insurance and the LOVE of his job. Which suits him and his spiritual gifts to a "T". He is a Job Coach for the Mentally Challenged. I'm back-tracking, sorry..

Well, I am also getting ready for a minor surgery, so I will be coming off of unemployment for a couple of weeks, due to the fact that it is unlawful to collect if you are not fit to work. We have been making it on a string and a prayer, literally. We had strayed from the church for a time and have just found a church family we LOVE and feel at home in. We both have spent our adult lives tithing 10% of our GROSS income (why should Uncle Sam get paid before God?), that is until we wandered away. Needless to say, times are BAD. It was bad enough to lose my job, but we live in Michigan one of the worse states in the union and my skills are not in great demand where we live. I have searched till I am blue in the face. That's why I am taking this opportunity to have this surgery now, in case something opens later and I will not need to take time off.

Back to my problem, I do wander, don't I????? LOL

Well we have given our tithe a few times since we have begun attending church regularly and ironically.. SURPRISE, the money stretched those weeks.... I have a disconnect notice for the power company and soon to have one for the gas company... I have cut back on everything I can. No house phone. The cell phone is gone the end of this week, they are waiving the early cancellation fee, but there are hoops to jump through.. I do have Internet, but I have been doing OK selling on E-Bay, so it more than pays for itself... We do nothing else....

Luckily I have a warm and LOVING husband and we make each other laugh and love to be together. So we spend time together which does not require money for DATES....Watching favorite movies or snuggling on the couch and listening to Christmas music are our favorites.... ( I know, it's too early, but we love the music and keep it out all year)

I guess I said all that to say this: Please, Pray for us..... Also,God does not need your tithe, but he does need your obedience. OUCH.... Remember this- Who is more important God or Uncle Sam? Tithe off your gross, if you have never tried it you will not believe the blessings. We're going back to it ASAP..... Scripture says that God LOVES to bless his children... TEST HIM!!!

God Bless- Michelle & Greg

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is this really normal???? Really???

I swear I have cried more in the last couple of weeks than I have cried in a year. I cry at commercials on TV, I cry during the Praise and Worship songs at church (which is not a bad thing), I cry at a post on the computer. Our Yellow Lab, Mazie, sits at my feet and looks at me with those huge eyes, BOOM, that's all it takes... WHY????

I would go so far as to say, I have cried over anything and everything that could possible give me the SLIGHTEST reason.... WHY????

I haven't even had surgery yet. My hormones are not going crazy YET....