Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finding humor in a weather map...

I would have never dreamed that when I went to Intellicast to check the weather for my hubby, who was contemplating a hunting expedition, that I would find something that would make me chuckle and smile for the rest of the day.... When I pulled up our local forecast I noticed a new map option available....

In fact there were several: Influeza Report, Labor Index- anyone expecting a baby?, Attentiveness, Air Stagnation- buildup of gases?, Bad Hair Index and my personal favorite... Aches and Pains!! Now I am the first to admit I feel like I should be owned and operated by NOAA because I am the best predictor of weather around. I will get sore and ache like crazy as a storm is coming in.. The Fibromyalgia makes me a walking barometer... I love the fact that it has come to a National Weather Organization making highly complex maps to keep track of "Bad Hair Days" or "Mood Index"..

I guess I say all that to say this.. Find humor where you can..Even if it a crazy weather map..

Stay warm..

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