Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prayer answered..yes, no or wait...

Wow.. this is one of my favorite things to talk about. In my life i have seen God work in incredible and sometimes mysterious ways... As a child I was raised in a parsonage...My father was a minister and he instilled in us the knowledge that God can and will answer all prayer. The kicker is it may be him saying yes, no or wait. I am not always very gracious about the waiting part, am i the only one? I figured not..Answered prayer is not always the big request, it could be something as normal as finding lost keys or a missing pet. We must always remember how he loves to answer our prayers
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Chris Weigand said...

So true and waiting is always the one I struggle with too. I have been praying for two years that our house in PA would sell, and still we wait. I wonder why, how can God make us go through this, especially when we are so powerless to do anything about it? So now I pray for patience and the strength to wait on God.