Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Doggers and Grand-dogger..LOL Spring is in the air

I am blessed with 2 very special doggers, not daughters, but pretty darned close..LOL My Mazie is a fabulous Yellow Lab and Sophie is a catagory all her own, she is my miniature black poodle. We also have our Grand-dogger Max.. Yes HER name is Max but she is a little girl.. Her Dad (my son-in-law) named her Max after his DuraMax truck.. These girls are extra great because they show me the renewal of spring. They all love the snow, but there is something about the coming spring. It is like freeing the dogs from 101 Dalmatians... When that door opens they are off in a flash. They have been cooped up all winter and now there are chipmunks to be hunted and trails to climb around on. Now that the snow is gone they can go to the river and play. They are 3 very special creatures
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